HDPE Industrial Fan Safety Net Cover for Finger Protection


100% Virgin HDPE Industrial Fan Safety Net Cover for Finger Protection  



A fan safety net cover is a protective device designed to cover the blades or openings of a fan to prevent injuries to fingers, hands, or other body parts. The net cover is typically made of a fine mesh material that can withstand the force of the fan blades while still allowing air to flow freely through the cover.

The net cover is placed over the fan blades and secured in place with clips, hooks, or other fasteners. This ensures that the cover stays in place and does not come loose while the fan is in operation.

The primary purpose of a fan safety net cover is to prevent injuries that can occur when fingers, hands, or other body parts come into contact with fast-moving fan blades. This is particularly important in households with young children, who may not understand the dangers posed by fans.

In addition to preventing injuries, a fan safety net cover can also help to protect the fan itself from damage caused by objects or debris that may come into contact with the blades.

Overall, a fan safety net cover is an important safety device that can help to prevent accidents and injuries in households with fans. It is a simple and effective solution that can provide peace of mind and added protection for families with young children.

  • We manufacture fan safety net covers for various models such as RR Kabel, Almonard, Crompton, Adler, Havells, Electromech, FCG, and global and local brands.
  • 100% finger-cut protection from both sides of the fan. 
  • Easy to install, remove, and reinstall 
  • Strong and flexible
  • No risk of hurting people’s fingers
  • UV/stable material prevents rust, no painting is required 
  • No regular maintenance is required. Maintenance-free and economical 
  • Easy to clean by air and easy to wash 
  • Easy airflow. No more air obstacles.
  • Fan safety net size 400mm (16 inches), 450mm (18 inches), 600mm (24 inches), 750mm (30 inches), and 900mm (36 inches). 
  • 100% HDPE Virgin Material
  • 12mm Mesh Size
  • 1.50mm Thickness

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400 mm(16''), 450mm(18''), 600mm(24''), 750mm(30''), 900 mm(36'')


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