Pre Stitched Window Mosquito Net


Fiberglass pre Stitched  Window Mosquito Net with Self Adhesive Hook tap.




Pre-Stitched Fiberglass Window Mosquito Net (Stitching/Tailors Not Required)

132+ Wide Range Of Sizes

Clear Visibility

Allow Free Air Flow

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

It Is Flexible & Easy To Wash

Block Bugs & Mosquito

  • Measurement & Size of Selection – Refer picture no.2 for full details. Please once measure measurements of your window in centimeters or Foor or Inches before you order. It will help you to get the right size of window mosquito net for your window. The length of the tapes will be the sum of all sides of the net you have purchased dust and good ventilation.
  • We are giving heavy quality self-adhesive hook&loop taps for the window frames. It is easy to fix your Aluminum, Steel & Wooden windows.
  • Pre-stitched Fiberglass mosquito net for Windows easy Installation.Durable, washable, removable, and foldable. Easy to carry anywhere.
  • This is a high-quality 120 GSM PVC Coated fiberglass net. It’s strong, flexible, durable, washable, and very easy to install. It can be cut using scissors.
  • If you need customization on size. Please use the amazon messaging system with this link:


Suitable for: Bathroom Windows, Kitchen Windows, Drawing Room Windows, Livingroom Windows, Bedroom Windows & more…

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1 – Do I need to find a tailor to stitch this Window Mosquito net? 

Answer – No, you don’t need a tailor to stitch. We are a courier or sending Pre-stitched Window Mosquito net, which you can install in just a few minutes as a Do It Yourself. No Tool or Technician is Required.

Question 2. – How can I select the right size of window Mosquito net?

Answer – Please check the picture photo/image Number two, In this photo/image clearly mentioned how to measure and size selection. However, if you have any difficulties in size selection and measurement please WhatsApp/Message on (+91 9016911327) We will NOT be calling customers as per Amazon’s policy.

Question 3 – Is the Window Mosquito net washable?

Answer – Yes, the Mosquito net is washable only on handwash

Question 4 – Can I open my windows?

Answer – Yes, Easily open and close the window after installing Window Mosquito net.

Question 5 – What is including the package we send?

Answer – Pre-stitched 120GSM Fiberglass Window mosquito net, Self-adhesive hook tape.

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 5 cm



50CM X 50CM, 50CM X 60CM, 50CM X 70CM, 50CM X 80CM, 50CM X 90CM, 50CM X 100CM, 50CM X 110CM, 50CM X 120CM, 50CM X 130CM, 50CM X 140CM, 50CM X 150CM, 50CM X 160CM, 50CM X 170CM, 50CM X 180CM, 60CM X 60CM, 60CM X 70CM, 60CM X 80CM, 60CM X 90CM, 60CM X 100CM, 60CM X 110CM, 60CM X 120CM, 60CM X 130CM, 60CM X 140CM, 60CM X 150CM, 60CM X 160CM, 60CM X 170CM, 60CM X 180CM, 70CM X 70CM, 70CM X 80CM, 70CM X 90CM, 70CM X 100CM, 70CM X 110CM, 70CM X 120CM, 70CM X 130CM, 70CM X 140CM, 70CM X 150CM, 70CM X 160CM, 70CM X 170CM, 70CM X 180CM, 80CM X 80CM, 80CM X 90CM, 80CM X 100CM, 80CM X 110CM, 80CM X 120CM, 80CM X 130CM, 80CM X 140CM, 80CM X 150CM, 80CM X 160CM, 80CM X 170CM, 80CM X 180CM, 90CM X 90CM, 90CM X 100CM, 90CM X 110CM, 90CM X 120CM, 90CM X 130CM, 90CM X 140CM, 90CM X 150CM, 90CM X 160CM, 90CM X 170CM, 90CM X 180CM, 100CM X 100CM, 100CM X 110CM, 100CM X 120CM, 100CM X 130CM, 100CM X 140CM, 100CM X 150CM, 100CM X 160CM, 100CM X 170CM, 100CM X 180CM, 100CM X 190CM, 100CM X 200CM, 100CM X 210CM, 110CM X 110CM, 110CM X 120CM, 110CM X 130CM, 110CM X 140CM, 110CM X 150CM, 110CM X 160CM, 110CM X 170CM, 110CM X 180CM, 110CM X 190CM, 110CM X 200CM, 110CM X 210CM, 120CM X 120CM, 120CM X 130CM, 120CM X 140CM, 120CM X 150CM, 120CM X 160CM, 120CM X 170CM, 120CM X 180CM, 120CM X 190CM, 120CM X 200CM, 120CM X 210CM, 130CM X 130CM, 130CM X 140CM, 130CM X 150CM, 130CM X 160CM, 130CM X 170CM, 130CM X 180CM, 130CM X 190CM, 130CM X 200CM, 130CM X 210CM, 140CM X 140CM, 140CM X 150CM, 140CM X 160CM, 140CM X 170CM, 140CM X 180CM, 140CM X 190CM, 140CM X 200CM, 140CM X 210CM, 150CM X 150CM, 150CM X 160CM, 150CM X 170CM, 150CM X 180CM, 150CM X 190CM, 150CM X 200CM, 150CM X 210CM, 160CM X 160CM, 160CM X 170CM, 160CM X 180CM, 160CM X 190CM, 160CM X 200CM, 160CM X 210CM, 170CM X 170CM, 170CM X 180CM, 170CM X 190CM, 170CM X 200CM, 170CM X 210CM, 180CM X 180CM, 180CM X 190CM, 180CM X 200CM, 180CM X 210CM

Package Includes

Hook and Loop Tape, Hook Tape is self adhesive

Product details

This is Unstitched Mosquito Net. You will need to cut it as per the exact dimension of your window and then stitch the loop tape to the net. You can take the help of a tailor for the same or do it yourself if you have a sewing machine at home. Package contains – Mosquito net, Self Adhesive Hook Tape for sticking to the window frame, Regular Loop Tape for stitching to the net, Cutter Knife, Push Pins & Instruction Sheet. The length of the tapes will be sum of all sides of the net you have purchased.

Terms and Conditions

This is an unstitched mosquito net. You will need to cut it as per the exact dimension of your window and then stitch the loop tape to the net.


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