HDPE 4×2 x1.5ft Rectangle Grow Bag With Supporting Pvc Pipes


HDPE 4×2 x1.5ft Rectangle Grow Bag With Supporting Pvc Pipes is made of 350 GSM Fabric.Best Terrece gardeing grow bags

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Description HDPE 4×2 x1.5ft Rectangle Grow Bag With Supporting Pvc Pipes

Best Quality Large size HDPE 4F Length x 1F Width x 1F Height Rectangle Grow Bag is fitted with a set of PVC pipes to maintain proper shape. These Rectangular Grow Bags are ideal for growing almost all types of vegetables, flowering plants, indoor plants, vines, and plants that do not have very deep roots.

These HDPE Rectangle Grow Bags With Supporting Pvc Pipes are made of 350 GSM fabric & UV stabilized of premium quality, which after planting, can easily last for 6 to 7 years in sunlight and rain. You can use this Rectangle Grow Bag for any plants and vegetables that can be easily grown in a home garden, terrace garden, kitchen garden, and rooftop balcony garden.

About Rectangle Grow Bag

  • Made by premium quality 350 GSM UV Stabilized HDPE Grow Bag.
  • Best suitable for Home Gardens, Balcony Gardening Terrace Gardening, Kitchen Gardening & Roof Top Gardening.
  • Very lightweight and durable bag with sturdy material, that allows easy and safe moving.
  • Rectangle Grow Bag Size length: Length: 4ft, width: 1ft, height: 1ft
  • The durability of the bag is 5-7 years it can be used multiple times. Grow bags are easily washable, reusable, and easy to transfer.
  • A set of PVC pipes is included as part of this product to maintain the proper shape.

Plants That Can Be Grown in This Grow Bag

  • Tomato
  • Brinjal or Eggplant
  • Green Chilli 
  • Potato
  • Ginger
  • Bell Pepper
  • Onion
  • Ladies Finger (Okra)
  • Bottle Gourd 
  • Green Cucumber
  • Lobia (Green Long Bean)
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Radish
  • Sponge Gourd
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Pea
  • Coriander 
  • Spinach 
  • Mustard 
  • Fenugreek
  • Red Amaranth 
  • Green Amaranth

USAGE: Grow bags are Ideal for the home garden, terrace gardens, kitchen garden, and rooftop balcony garden. These Grow Bags Are Suitable For Flowers, Herbs, Indoor-Outdoor Ornamental Plants, And Roots Vegetables Like a melon, Tinda, guava, papaya, Bitter Gourd, gomphrena, Celosia, squash, Pumpkin, Ash Gour, zinnia, Hibiscus, Aster, Beans

PREMIUM QUALITY:- The WNE Jaliwale Plants Grow Bags For Indoor, And Outdoor Gardening Are The Best Choice Because These Terrace Gardening Grow Bags Are Made Of Premium Quality Multi-Layered UV Stabilized High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Which Makes Them Durable, Washable, Reusable, Non-Tearable, And Strong To Endure Sunlight. Big-Size HDPE Bags Are Good Enough To Create A Stable Growing Environment For Vegetable Plants And Flower Plants

UV-STABILIZED GROW BAG:- We Use Laminated UV-Stabilized HDPE Material To Make Our Gardening Grow Bags. Thus, Making It A UV-Treated Grow Bag Helps These Plant Bags To Endure Heavy Sunlight And Prevent Color Fading So You Can Use It On An Open Terrace, Sunroom, Or Another Outdoor Garden. Our Gardening Bags Keep The Soil Temperature Normal In Every Season & Can Bear Both Hot And Cold Climates.

DURABILITY:- Compared To Other 200 Gsm Grow Bags & LDPE Poly Grow Bags, We Use 260 Gsm Extra Thick & Strong Premium Quality Material For Our Grow Bags Which Makes Them Highly Durable. These Grow Bags Can Be Used For Up To 5-7 Years Without Any Problems. There Is No Fear Of Damage, Breakage, Or Crushing Like Traditional Pots Or Gamla For Plants

DRAINAGE HOLE:- When Using Ceramic Pots, Cement Pots, Plastic Pots, Clay Pots, Or Gamla For Plants, They Don’t Have any Drainage Holes To Prevent Overwatering. But Jaliwale  Grow Bags Already Have Drainage Holes That Help In Air Circulation And Excess Water Draining To Create A Better Environment For Healthy Roots And Plants.

WASHABLE:- Our High-Quality Multi-Layer Laminated Grow Bags For Plants Are Easily Washable. Plastic Poly grow Bags Can’t Be Washed, They are damaged & Fear During washing, But These Gardening Bags Can Be Washed Multi-Time Without Any Fear Of Color Fading And Tearing.

REUSABLE:- These HDPE Plant Grow Bags Can Be Reused Easily. So You Can Store Them During The Off-Season Or When Not In Use; the Grow Bags Can Be Folded And Stored In A Minimal Space And Reused Multiple Times.

LIGHT-WEIGHT:- These Plants Grow Bags Are 10 Times More Lightweight Than Gamla For Plants Or Other Pots Like Ceramic Pots, Clay Pots, Or Cement Pots. Traditional Pots Are Heavily Weighted, Which Makes Them Tough To Move, And There Is Always A Fear Of Breakage If They Fall. But Our HDPE Grow Bags Are Lightweight And Can’t Be Crushed Or Broken In Comparison To Their Size Gamla So You Can Move Them Easily And Can Give Your Garden The Look Of Your Choice.

Note: The plants are not included with the grow bag in the package. Customers will only get grow bags in the package.

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